Moonshadow Photography

By: Ivy Rain

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Friday, 2-Feb-2007 05:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Our first snow for 2007!!!!

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Ok so I'm unemployed and the puppy woke me up before my interview today (I was wanting to get up at 8:30am and she got me up at 5:30am) and I didn't quite believe Shawn when he said it was snowing. I put on my coat and tennis shoes and we go downstairs. He was right!!! The whole backyard was covered in SNOW! Not an half inch, more like maybe and inch and a half or two. I was thinking "if this doesn't clear up by the time my alarm clock goes off, I'm going to see if I can reschedule".

Well "miss thing" decides she wants to wake me up an hour before my alarm clock. I ignored her. When my alarm went off I got up and took her out.

Outside the snow was still there and all over the cars and roof tops.

I've lived in TX most my life and even though Shawn said it was slush on the roads, I don't trust people driving, let alone myself. I don't go ANYWHERE if it looks like snow or ice in any form. I survived ONCE in 2002. Shawn ended up killing his SUV and almost, almost lost his life since the back end spun and hit a light pole inches away from the gas tank. I'll stop the story there.

So I politely called the lady who set up my interview and let her know I was leery of getting out on the roads. She completely understood and I'm rescheduled for my interview.

So before going back to bed (which I never did) I went outside and took some photos. All of them are gorgeous! Now if only I had a big white, heavy cloak lined in faux fur and be the Snow Queen Faerie...what fun!!!

Can you find the squirrel I caught in one of these photos?


PS If you leave a comment, please leave a name of some sort that I'll recognize. Some people will view and leave a name that I don't know who it belongs to and I can't say "thank you" or much of anything else.

Thursday, 11-Jan-2007 02:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Godsmack photos from the disposable cameras when I went to Tampa

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Some were good and some sucked but enjoy nonetheless.

Ah yes his book is out, Sully Erna's, pre-order that is but only the first 1,000 got signed books. I was so not aware that pre-sale started today while I was at work, so I'll get a book and no signature. It sucks so I emailed the company and said it was unfair.

Enjoy the pics....

Wednesday, 29-Nov-2006 04:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Seminole in Florida

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I had some fun taking photos of guitars my friends and husband would love,


Sunday, 26-Nov-2006 20:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Yes...Godsmack again!

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6 times total in 6 years, 3 shows this year, met them twice and they were yet again sweet as ever.

Thank you Godsmack and I'm ready to hit the road for 2007 (just hop money is available as well as a travel companion).

PS These are from further into the show. I have two disposables to get developed. FOUND OUT HOW TO TAKE OFF THE DATE STAMP! WHOHOO! Yes kept some blurry ones. Too bad there is not "fix blurry pictures" program

Sorry if there are repeats as foto page was having issues all day long and well some look like repeats and they aren't.


Sunday, 5-Nov-2006 05:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
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